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  1. Beware of “Anniversary Giveaway” Facebook Voucher and Coupon Scams
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  3. Watch Out for Fake Coupons on Social Media | Computerbilities
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If money is tight, it seems like a godsend. Aldi will not accept it nor will Kroger and Publix accept their versions.

Beware of “Anniversary Giveaway” Facebook Voucher and Coupon Scams

What Happens When you Share it So what's the harm in sharing it, you say? Well, plenty. First of all, it's counterfeit, which means you are sharing a fraudulent coupon.

  1. Beware of this Aldi coupon scam circulating on Facebook.
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Secondly, it's really a scheme to get information from you and your Facebook friends. It's just the latest fake coupon to go viral on Facebook.

Nivea creme coupon

The Coupon Information Corporation, a trade group, says: Be suspicious of all coupons for free items very few free offers are legitimate. Never buy coupons on eBay or Craigslist: Many are fake, or outdated and worthless. Be wary of any coupon being shared on Facebook Many of those are "data harvesters. Because they were asked for personal information, the users really received were credit card and subscription offers.

Since brands are easily duplicated, it is easy to make it look like the offer actually comes from the company being advertised.

Watch Out for Fake Coupons on Social Media | Computerbilities

According to the Orlando Sentinel , the Better Business Bureau said the easiest way to avoid being scammed by offers like this is to do your research before taking advantage of any offers online. Sites that offer coupons will have their offers listed on their sites.

click here Be careful in giving out personal information. As previously reported in Inquisitr , another major scam was the Starbucks gift card scam.

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29+ amarktflow Coupon Codes And Promos Available

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